The Scott Paper Alumni Reunion Party
2020 date to be determined

2020 Scott Reunion

When: Probably a Thursday, probably mid-July
5pm to 10pm, or later
Where: Miller's Ale House in Springfield PA
Address = 18 Baltimore Pike, Springfield PA 19064 USA
Phone = +1 610-544-2635
Who: Anyone who ever worked for Scott Paper Company at any of its locations anywhere in the world is invited.  You are also welcome to bring spouses and adult children.
Cost: We will each pay for our own food and drinks.  There is no charge to attend.
Food: We will order from the restaurant's regular menu.  Separate checks.
RSVP: We would like to get an estimate of how many are coming, so that the restaurant can be better prepared.  If you think you might attend, please contact Carl Ingalls and say how likely it is that you will be there, and also how many people will be coming with you.
   Phone:  +1 610-627-9030

2019 Scott Reunion

When: Thursday 27 June 2019
Where: Miller's Ale House in Springfield PA
Who: 32 people were there:  Carl Ingalls, Dan McCarney, Bob Schechter, Owen Coghlan, Carol and Chuck Bell, Jim and Annie Hazard, Don Eckert, Frank Carey, Rian Nemeroff, Mike Vartanian, Balbir Singh, Sue Wilkins, Wayne Gross, Greg Baron, Sophia Bunyaraksh, Sharon Baker and her sister Jamilah Harris, Gail Whitehead (who worked in the Chester plant), Wayne Pidany, Kathy Fitchek, Dean and Carolyn Anderson, Dennis DeFelice, Janet Novak, Bill Kirkpatrick, Jay and Jo King, Don Dietrich, John Herreid, and Ben Preddy.
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2018 Scott Reunion

When: Thursday 12 July 2018
Where: Miller's Ale House in Springfield PA
Who: 34 people were there:  Carl Ingalls, Dean and Carolyn Anderson, Frank Carey, Chuck and Carol Bell, Bob Schechter, Don Eckert, Rick Frampton, Dan and Marylou Stango, Chuck Schubele, Janet Novak, Balbir Singh, Crawford and Henrietta Williams, Suhas Apte, Paulette Fuller, Wayne Gross, Dennis DeFelice, Wayne Pidany, Mike Vartanian, Sandra Walker, Maggie Jacobs-Johnson, Jerry and Sue Ballas, Sharon Baker and her sister Jamilah, Renée Evans, Jim Haile, Michelle Bruno, John and Kathy Herreid, and Charlie Vogeley.
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About the (almost annual) Scott Paper Reunion Party

This reunion is primarily attended by people who worked at the Scott Paper Headquarters (Scott Plaza), which was near the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL).  However, anyone who ever worked for Scott Paper Company at any of its locations worldwide is welcome. 

The first reunion was held in 1995 at the Lagoon in Essington PA, and has been held almost every year since then, in various places.  At least 200 people attended the 1995 reunion, and almost 60 people attended the 2016 reunion.  We did not have a reunion in 2008 or in 2017.

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