2019 Scott Reunion Photos
Thu 27 June at Miller's Ale House in Springfield PA

Names appear above each photo, and are ordered left to right.

If you see any errors or missing names, please notify Carl Ingalls, by email (Ingalls@ScottAlumni.org), or by phone (+1 610-627-9030).  Please note the number of the photo, and the position of the person in the photo, so that I can edit the correct one.

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01:  Dan McCarney, Annie and Jim Hazard
02:  Carol and Chuck Bell
03:  Bob Schechter, Don Eckert
04:  Owen Coghlan, Carol Bell
05:  Jim and Annie Hazard
06:  Frank Carey, Jim Hazard
07:  Wayne Gross, Mike Vartanian
08:  Carol Bell, Sue Wilkins
09:  Kathy Fitchek
10:  Carl Ingalls, Wayne Gross
11:  Kathy Fitchek, Carl Ingalls
12:  Dan McCarney, Janet Novak, Wayne Pidany
13:  Frank Carey, Balbir Singh
14:  Kathy Fitchek, Wayne Gross
15:  Dean and Carolyn Anderson, Bill Kirkpatrick
16:  Owen Coghlan, Sophia Bunyaraksh
17:  Sue Wilkins, Jamilah Harris (sister to Sharon Baker)
18:  Jim Hazard, Dennis DeFelice, Balbir Singh
19:  Jim Hazard, Balbir Singh
20:  Dean Anderson, Bill Kirkpatrick, Carl Ingalls
21:  Bill Kirkpatrick, Balbir Singh
22:  Chuck Bell, Greg Baron
23:  Jo and Jay King
24:  Owen Coghlan, Sophia Bunyaraksh, Rian Nemeroff
25:  Bob Schechter, Owen Coghlan
26:  Carolyn and Dean Anderson, Balbir Singh
27:  Jay King, Dan McCarney
28:  Jo King, Dennis DeFelice, Frank Carey
29:  Janet Novak, Wayne Pidany
30:  Wayne Gross, Greg Baron
31:  Don Dietrich, Rian Nemeroff
32:  Don Dietrich, Sophia Bunyaraksh, Rian Nemeroff
33:  Sharon Baker, sister Jamilah Harris, Gail Whitehead (from Chester Mill)
34:  Carl Ingalls (with a plate of fish-n-chips), Sharon Baker, Kathy Fitchek
35:  Rian Nemeroff, John Herreid
36:  Ben Preddy, Don Eckert
37:  How it all started - The 1994 Chainsaw Massacre

The photos above are from the 2019 Reunion at Miller's Ale House in Springfield PA
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