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What is ScottNet ScottNet is a loose collection of groups, networks, and address lists that have been created by various people with the purpose of helping former employees of Scott Paper Company keep in touch with each other.  ScottNet is a "virtual" organization that works as a connection between these groups.  Website space is being provided to the member organizations free of charge by Embossing Technologies.  Please note that this organization is not affiliated with Scott Supply Service or Brett Scott (see note at bottom of this page).
What groups So far, the following groups have been identified:. 
Atlanta Scott Atlanta Alumni Group (SAAG), managed by Michael Milak, John McCloskey, George Ragsdale, Harry Waterbor, and Michael Barnett.  They meet for golf and dinner in the Atlanta area, and have recently begun meeting for lunch as well.
Dover Dover Over Dinner (DOD), managed by Ed Bailey and Judy Hedrick.  They meet twice a year for dinner at the Lone Star in New Castle DE.
Logistics Scott Logistics Group, managed by Terry Silverthorne and Cathy O'Connor.  They meet every other month for dinner.
Plaza Scott Plaza Annual Reunion, managed by Carl Ingalls.  Everyone who ever worked for Scott Paper Company (or any of its affiliates worldwide) is invited to the Scott Reunion Party every year, usually in June or July.
Tax ScotTax, managed by John Smith, Larry Schwab, and Joe Gibbs.  They meet for dinner every year in late May or early June in the Philadelphia area.
Technology Scott Technology (Research plus Engineering), managed by Carl Ingalls.  They meet in the Philadelphia every month for lunch.
Worldwide Scott Alumni Worldwide, managed by Bruce Arnold.  This was previously known as the Scott Paper Alumni - Philadelphia Region, and before that it was called the Scott Paper Co. Retirees Group.  They meet twice yearly (Spring and Fall) for a luncheon, often at the Aronimink Golf Club.  Bruce also issues a very interesting newsletter.
If you know of a group that is not in this list, please contact Carl Ingalls:  phone +1 610.627.9030 or email
Address Lists Each group keeps its own address list (mailing list or directory), generally containing names and phone numbers and email addresses.  If you want to know more about these address lists, you may visit Scott Paper Alumni Address Lists
Events For info about events, please contact Carl Ingalls.  The ScottNet Online Calendar is no longer in use.
How do I connect Most of the groups listed above will welcome anyone who ever worked for Scott Paper Company (whether as a permanent employee or as a contractor or temporary employee).  To connect with any of the groups as an individual member, please click on the appropriate links above.  Sign up with as many groups as you like. 
Who runs ScottNet Each group is managed independently, by people whose dedication is very much appreciated.  The website for ScottNet is currently being operated by Carl Ingalls.
What about privacy and email spam It is a real problem, and no protection is perfect.  However, everyone is doing everything possible to protect the privacy of all of the personal information that appears on the ScottNet website.  For instance, personal information only appears on password protected web pages.  If you want to know more about what we do to protect your privacy, please read privacy.  If you wish to learn more about general computer security and privacy issues, please read Computer Security and Privacy.

Alternate contact for any of the above groups:
Carl Ingalls   +1 610.627.9030

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The name ScottNet® was a registered trademark of Scott Supply Service, Inc. and Brett L. Scott, and has been used here with permission.  The trademark registration was abandoned in Feb 2012.

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