Scott Technology
(Research + Engineering = Technology)

We meet every month for lunch, somewhere not too far from the original Scott Plaza.  It's usually the last Wednesday of each month, except for November and/or December when we sometimes meet on a different date.  See the most recent calendar for dates and locations.

There are photos of almost all of the lunches (and other events) going back to 2003.  There are also video recordings of some of the virtual meetings during the 2020 pandemic that are available for viewing (contact Carl Ingalls for access).

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, we were getting 10 to 15 people attending most of these lunches.  If you would like to join us, or if you want to see some video recordings, please contact Carl Ingalls. 
   Phone:  +1 610-627-9030

Some History
The tradition began in the 1960s with the “Beer for Lunch Bunch”, a group of technicians from Research in Plaza 3 just keeping their creative juices going.  Early instigators included Jack Zmijewski, Dick Mallon, Bill Carey, Pete DeNight, Elmer Boulden, Gene Pietreniak, Ed Kmiec, and Chris Arters.  Favorite locations were the Tinicum Inn and the Willows.  As the older ones retired from Scott Paper, most continued to attend these lunches, probably just to provide inspiration for the younger members.  Eventually, Scott Paper Company itself retired out of existence, but the “Beer for Lunch Bunch” just kept going on.  They added a holiday dinner, and a golf outing called the “Annual Chainsaw Golf Tournament”.  The invitations broadened to include everyone from Technology, not just technicians, and not just men.  By the late 1990s, Rick Frampton was doing most of the work, calling everyone to inform them where the next lunch would be held.  Carl Ingalls offered to assist with the invitations for the Dec 2000 Holiday Dinner at Duffers in Concordville.  The guest book from that dinner was used as a “seed” for the Scott Technology Networking Group Listing, which has since grown from the original 47 people to over 275 today.