Photos from Scott Technology Group Events in 2005
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13 December 2005

Holiday Dinner at the Little Inn in Media PA.

30 November 2005

Lunch at the Courtyard Inn in West Chester PA.

26 October 2005

Lunch at Lehman's Tavern in Essington PA.

28 September 2005

Lunch at Seamus Mulligan's Pub in Aston PA.

7 September 2005

Golf and Dinner at Kimberton Golf Club near Phoenixville PA

31 August 2005

Lunch at Stanley's Tavern in Delaware.

27 July 2005

Lunch at Pogue Mahone's Pub in Prospect Park PA

29 June 2005

Lunch at Barnaby’s in Aston PA

25 May 2005

Lunch at the McKenzie Brew House on Rte 202 near Chadds Ford PA

27 April 2005

Lunch at Tony's Villa in Linwood PA.

31 March 2005

Lunch at Seamus Mulligan's Pub in Twin Oakes PA.

24 February 2005

Lunch at Lehman’s Tavern in Essington PA.

27 January 2005

Lunch at Stanley’s Tavern in Delaware.

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