Scott Paper Alumni - Worldwide
Previously known as Scott Paper Company Alumni - Philadelphia Region,
and before that as the Scott Paper Co. Retiree Group

Who Everyone who ever worked as an employee of Scott Paper Company, or with any of its International Affiliates at any location anywhere in the world.  Some spouses are also included. 
- An extensive mailing list maintained by Bruce Arnold.
- A newsletter mailed to everyone on this list twice yearly.
- A luncheon meeting twice yearly, often at the Aronimink Golf Club.
- Various notices of interest to all.
History This group got its start in the 1970s as the Scott Retirees Group, and was originally limited to people who retired from Scott Paper Company.  Kimberly Clark acquired Scott in 1995.  A few years later, membership was opened up to all former Scott employees worldwide, regardless of retirement status. 
Organized by Bruce Arnold is the main organizer for this group, and he is the best source for detailed information.  See contact information below. 

Mailing List

The Mailing List for Scott Paper Alumni Worldwide contains about 1750 names.  Over 950 of these have email addresses, and many have phone numbers and mailing addresses.  This list is maintained by Bruce Arnold, and is a private list, which means that it is not directly accessible by anyone other than Bruce.  However, if you are looking for someone specific, he would be happy to help you get connected. 

If you have been receiving emails from Bruce, then you are already on his mailing list.  However, if you are not getting his emails, then you are either not in the list, or the list does not contain your correct email address.  If you want to receive these emails, you can either contact Bruce Arnold directly (see contact info below), or you can use our online Scott Alumni Contact Form


Bruce issues a newsletter twice yearly (Spring and Fall) to everyone on the mailing list.  This contains announcements of upcoming events and other items of interest.  A favorite feature is the stories from Scott Alumni Worldwide about what they are doing now.  To get a copy of the newsletter or to contribute a story to the next one, please contact Bruce Arnold. 

Past newsletters will be made available online in a protected webpage, available only to the Scott Alumni Worldwide via password access, as soon as a suitable security system has been put in place.  Everyone will be notified by email as soon as this is online. 


Everyone is invited to a luncheon meeting that is held twice yearly (Spring and Fall).  This is often held at the Aronimink Golf Club, which is located on St. David's Road in Newtown Square, PA (website  Alternate locations are the Waynesborough Golf Club and the Chester Valley Golf Club.  The exact date will appear in the ScottNet Calendar.  The Fall 2007 Luncheon will be on Thursday 11 October 2007, at Aronimink.  A speaker is often invited to make a presentation at these events.  For the 11 October 2007 luncheon, Bruce Arnold will discuss the 25x'25 Renewable Energy Initiative (website  Aronimink dress code requires men to wear jackets.  Cost is $30 per person, and must be paid in advance (your check must be made payable to Bruce Arnold, and received by Bruce no later than 6 Oct 2007).  For more details, please see the 2007 Fall luncheon invitation letter from Bruce Arnold, and look for updates in the ScottNet Calendar


Bruce Arnold periodically sends out notices to the mailing list, with information that is of general interest to everyone.  He also sends death notices, with complete obituary information that is especially useful for those of us who want to attend the funerals. 


For more information, or to connect with this group, please contact:

R. Bruce Arnold
Address:   244 Wencin Terrace
West Chester, PA 19382-1990
Phone:   610-431-6326
Fax:   610-431-0264
Cell:   610-420-8166

Or, you can use our online Scott Alumni Contact Form

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