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Monthly Lunch

When We get together every month for lunch, on the last Wednesday of the month.  However, in December, we have dinner instead of lunch (see Dinner below). 
Where The location varies, but is never far from the old Scott Plaza.  It is most often somewhere in Delaware County PA, but we also meet in the northern part of Newcastle County DE, and sometimes in New Jersey.  Members will receive notification and directions by email.  You may review the ScottNet Calendar at any time to see where the next lunch will be.  If you are unable to use a computer to get this info, just call Carl Ingalls 610.627.9030, Rick Frampton 484.842.1652, Judy Carey 610.996.8993, or Bruce Arnold 610.431.6326.  For a list of past locations, please see Technology Lunch Places
Who picks the place You do.  But you have to show up in order to vote.  The people who attend each lunch meeting decide where we will meet the following month. 
Who attends We usually get 12-20 people at each lunch, mostly people from Scott Technology.  Attendance is posted on the ScottNet Calendar.  You can always see the most recent photos at Technology Photos.
History The tradition began in the 1960's with the "Beer for Lunch Bunch", a group of technicians from Research in Plaza 3 just keeping their creative juices going. 
Time Noon until whenever.  The first course is usually beer and laughter.  Solid food is ordered about 12:15 pm. 
Cost The cost is usually $10 to $20 per person.  The entire bill, food and drinks plus tax and tip, is divided evenly among everyone there. 
RSVP Not required.  Just show up whenever you can.  Go ahead, surprise us. 

Annual Holiday Dinner

When Every year in early to mid December.  In 2008, it will be on Thursday 11 December.  Please refer to the ScottNet Calendar for evolving details.
Where The current favorite location is Generations in Media PA (previously known as The Little Inn).  Here is a list of locations for previous years: Members will receive notification and directions by email. 
Who attends Anyone who ever worked for Scott Paper is invited, plus their spouses.  Attendance has varied between 17 and 60 people over the years, and has been mostly people from Technology. 
Cost In 2008, the cost per person is $34 or $37, depending upon which entree is selected.  This covers the complete dinner, including all taxes and tips.  Alcoholic beverages must be purchased separately (cash bar).  Advance payment is required.  See the Scott Technology Holiday Dinner 2008 Invitation for more details. 
Time In 2008, dinner will begin at 6:30pm.  Cocktail hour begins at 5:30pm, or whenever you arrive.
RSVP Required.  Please phone or email any of the following:  Carl Ingalls, Rick Frampton, Judy Carey, or Bruce Arnold, as early as possible.  See phone numbers and email addresses at the bottom of this page.

Annual Golf and Dinner

When Midweek in September or October, due to advantages in availability, price, and weather.  In 2008, it was on Tuesday 21 October.  Previous dates were:  Wed 3 Oct 2007, Wed 20 Sep 2006, Wed 7 Sep 2005, Tue 21 Sep 2004, and Tue 9 Sep 2003.  Please refer to the ScottNet Calendar for evolving details.
Where Kimberton Golf Club near Phoenixville PA.  Any changes will appear in the ScottNet Calendar.
Cost In 2007, the cost per person was $45 for golfing and $20 for dinner (cash bar).  See the Scott Technology Golf and Dinner 2007 Invitation for more details. 

Special Events

What events Picnics, backyard barbecues, wine tasting parties, golf tournaments, welcome back to the USA, whatever.  Any excuse will do.  On 21 April 2002, a small group of us got together at the Lagoon to say "Hi" to Esther Trauner (her last name was Kraus when she was at Scott).  She lived in Vienna at the time and was in the area for only a few days.  On 23 November 2002, several people went to a (free) wine tasting party at the Stargazers Vineyard in Coatesville PA (owned and operated by Scott Alumni John Weygandt and his wife Alice).  If any of these events become popular enough to do on a regular basis, then that event will have its own section on this website. 
Who picks the events You do.  If you are willing to sponsor an event, just let us know and we will announce it to everyone.  Sponsoring means making all necessary arrangements and reservations, and giving us all of the details:  what, where, when, how to get there, who pays for what. 

For more information, to suggest or sponsor an event, or to join the Scott Technology Networking Group, please contact any of the following:
Carl Ingalls 610-627-9030
Rick Frampton 484-842-1652
Bruce Arnold 610-431-6326
Judy Carey 610-996-8993

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