2016 Scott Reunion Photos - Thu 14 July 2016 at A Taste of Key West in Morton PA

Names appear above each photo, and are ordered left to right.

If you see any errors or missing names, please notify Carl Ingalls, by email (Ingalls@ScottAlumni.org), or by phone (+1 610-627-9030).  Please note the number of the photo, and the position of the person in the photo, so that I can edit the correct one.

Click on any image to see the original photo (higher resolution, and not cropped).

01:  Alex Ferry, Rick Frampton, Rosemary “Rose” Ferry (and you can see Carl Ingalls in the mirror above Alex's head, taking the photo)
02:  Rose Ferry, Alex Ferry
03:  Jerry Ballas, Jeff Herman, Regina "Gina" Pound, Don Pound, Rose Ferry, Jay King, Balbir Singh, Alex Ferry
04:  John Harriz, John Brecker
05:  Janet and Bill Chism, Rick Frampton, Balbir Singh
06:  Frank Carey, Rose Ferry, Jay King
07:  Bob Schecter, Don Eckert, Alex Ferry
08:  Rose Ferry, Sue Wilkins, Alex Ferry, Eve Dougherty, Kathy Fitchek
09:  Janet Chism (talking with Charlie Books), Terry Ledger, Bud Ledger, Jeff Herman, Balbir Singh, Jerry Ballas
10:  Wayne Gross, Kathy Fitchek
11:  Terry Kelso, Carl Ingalls, Kathy Fitchek
12:  Balbir Singh, Rick Frampton, Carol Bell, Chuck Bell
13:  Charlie Vogeley, Janet Chism, Bill Chism
14:  Jim Gonedes, Jeff Herman, Don Dietrich, Don Heilala
15:  Jay Butler, Wayne Gross
16:  Various people dining
17:  Rose Ferry, Jay King, Don Heilala, Sue Wilkins Chuck Bell (standing on right)
18:  Dean Anderson, Eve Dougherty, Carolyn Anderson
19:  Lynda Wilkinson, Charlie Books
20:  Nancy and Gene Juliano, John Brecker
21:  Wayne Pidany, Don Eckert, Mike Vartanian, Bob Schecter
22:  Alex and Rose Ferry, Jay King, Don Heilala, Sue Wilkins, Rick Frampton, Chuck Bell
23:  Carol (see #26 below), Charlie and Patti Presnell
24:  Chuck Bell, Rick Frampton, Carol Bell, Janet Chism, Bill Chism, Dave Seleyo
25:  Linda Durnell, Tina Johnson, Charlene Scott, Sandy Barnes
26:  Mark Presnell (Charlie's son), Carol (Mark's girlfriend)
27:  John Brecker, Frank Giles III
28:  Lois and Walt Doggett
29:  Don and Gina Pound (talking with Bud and Terry Ledger)
30:  Don Pound, Terry Ledger, Bud Ledger
31:  Lynda Wilkinson, Dean and Carolyn Anderson
32:  Balbir Singh, Bill Barrett, Don Dietrich, Jerry Ballas
33:  Jim Gonedes, Jeff Herman
34:  Jim Gonedes, Bill Barrett
35:  Alex Ferry, Bill Barrett
36:  Mike Vartanian, Wayne Gross
37:  Balbir Singh, Bob Worrell Jr
38:  Dean Anderson, Carolyn Anderson, Lynda Wilkinson
39:  Chuck Bell, Carol Bell, Kathy Fitchek, Carl Ingalls
40:  Don Heilala, Sue Wilkins
41:  Gina and Don Pound
42:  Bud and Terry Ledger
43:  Rick Frampton, Frank Giles
44:  Don Heilala, Dave LeGrow
45:  Rian Nemeroff, Jim Gonedes, Jim Haile, Bill Barrett
46:  Balbir Singh, Rick Frampton
47:  Wayne Pidany, Don Eckert
48:  George and Eve Dougherty (owners of A Taste of Key West)

The photos above are from the 2016 Reunion at A Taste of Key West in Morton PA.
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