2016 Scott Reunion Photos
Thu 14 July at A Taste of Key West in Morton PA

Names appear above each photo, and are ordered left to right.  Click on a photo to see a larger image, before cropping and at higher resolution.

If you see any errors or missing names (or question marks), please notify Carl Ingalls, by email (Ingalls@ScottAlumni.org), or by phone (+1 610-627-9030).  Please note which reunion year, the number of the photo, and the position of the person in the photo, so that I can edit the correct one.

01:  Alex Ferry, Rick Frampton, Rosemary “Rose” Ferry
02:  Rose Ferry, Alex Ferry
03:  Jerry Ballas, Jeff Herman, Regina "Gina" Pound, Don Pound, Rose Ferry, Jay King, Balbir Singh, Alex Ferry
04:  John Harriz, John Brecker
05:  Janet and Bill Chism, Rick Frampton, Balbir Singh
06:  Frank Carey, Rose Ferry, Jay King
07:  Bob Schecter, Don Eckert, Alex Ferry
08:  Rose Ferry, Sue Wilkins (back), Alex Ferry, Eve Dougherty, Kathy Fitchek (back)
09:  Janet Chism (far left, talking with Charlie Books), Terry Ledger, Bud Ledger, Jeff Herman, Balbir Singh, Jerry Ballas
10:  Wayne Gross, Kathy Fitchek
11:  Terry Kelso, Carl Ingalls, Kathy Fitchek
12:  Balbir Singh, Rick Frampton, Carol Bell, Chuck Bell
13:  Charlie Vogeley, Janet Chism, Bill Chism
14:  Jim Gonedes, Jeff Herman, Don Dietrich, Don Heilala
15:  Jay Butler, Wayne Gross
16:  Various people dining
17:  Rose Ferry, Jay King, Don Heilala, Sue Wilkins Chuck Bell (standing on far right)
18:  Dean Anderson, Eve Dougherty, Carolyn Anderson
19:  Lynda Wilkinson, Charlie Books
20:  Nancy and Gene Juliano, John Brecker
21:  Wayne Pidany, Don Eckert, Mike Vartanian, Bob Schecter
22:  Alex and Rose Ferry, Jay King, Don Heilala, Sue Wilkins, Rick Frampton, Chuck Bell
23:  Carol (see #26 below), Charlie and Patti Presnell
24:  Chuck Bell, Rick Frampton, Carol Bell, Janet Chism, Bill Chism, Dave Seleyo
25:  Linda Durnell, Tina Johnson, Charlene Scott, Sandy Barnes
26:  Mark Presnell (Charlie's son), Carol (Mark's girlfriend)
27:  John Brecker, Frank Giles III
28:  Lois and Walt Doggett
29:  Don and Gina Pound (talking with Bud and Terry Ledger)
30:  Don Pound, Terry Ledger, Bud Ledger
31:  Lynda Wilkinson, Dean and Carolyn Anderson
32:  Balbir Singh, Bill Barrett, Don Dietrich, Jerry Ballas
33:  Jim Gonedes, Jeff Herman
34:  Jim Gonedes, Bill Barrett
35:  Alex Ferry, Bill Barrett
36:  Mike Vartanian, Wayne Gross
37:  Balbir Singh, Bob Worrell Jr
38:  Dean Anderson, Carolyn Anderson, Lynda Wilkinson
39:  Chuck Bell, Carol Bell, Kathy Fitchek, Carl Ingalls
40:  Don Heilala, Sue Wilkins
41:  Gina and Don Pound
42:  Bud and Terry Ledger
43:  Rick Frampton, Frank Giles
44:  Don Heilala, Dave LeGrow
45:  Rian Nemeroff, Jim Gonedes, Jim Haile, Bill Barrett
46:  Balbir Singh, Rick Frampton
47:  Wayne Pidany, Don Eckert
48:  George and Eve Dougherty (owners of A Taste of Key West)

The photos above are from the 2016 Reunion at A Taste of Key West in Morton PA.
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