2015 Scott Reunion Photos - Taken Thu 25 June 2015
at A Taste of Key West in the Ridley Township Marina

Names appear above each photo.

If you see any errors or missing names, please email Carl Ingalls (ScottNet@EmbossingTechnologies.com).  Please note the number of the photo, and the position of the person in the photo, so that I can edit the correct one.

01: Balbir Singh, Charlie Books

02: Trish Shields, Carl Ingalls

03: Rick Frampton (facing us), talking to Balbir Singh (with his back to us)

04: Eve Dougherty, Rick Frampton, John Harriz (with his back to us)

05: John Harriz, Eve Dougherty

06: Eileen Collins (previously Gamble), Rian Nemeroff

07: Balbir Singh, Rick Frampton, John Harriz, Frank Carey

08: Rex and Dru Schutte

09: Dru Schutte, Rex Schutte, Balbir Singh, Rick Frampton

10: Carl Ingalls, Kay Keenan

11: Jeff Herman, Charlie Books, John Harriz

12: Rick Frampton, Terry Ledger

13: Bud Ledger (far left background), John Harriz, Trish Shields, Eve Dougherty

14: Ellis Barksdale and Nomalanga Dalili

15: Lesli and Donna and Thomas Johnson

16: Eve and George Dougherty (owners of A Taste of Key West)

17: Carl Ingalls, Eve Dougherty

18: Livia Smith

19: Mike Vartanian, Wayne Gross

20: Donna and Thomas Johnson, Wayne Pidany (far right background)

21: Jo and Jay King

22: Carl Ingalls, Ben Preddy

23: Wayne Gross, Taiwoo Chiu

24: Terry Kelso, talking to Ben Preddy

25: Wayne Pidany

26: Wayne Pidany (sitting), Don Eckert (standing)

27: May Lynn Rossi, Kay Keenan, Ed Szkudlapski

28: Carl Ingalls, May Lynn Rossi, Kay Keenan, Ed Szkudlapski

29: Terry Ledger, talking with May Lynn Rossi

30: Joe Capizzi, Rick Frampton

31: Eileen Collins, Ruth Davies

32: Chuck Bell, Bud Ledger

33: Jeff Herman, John Herreid

34: Ed Szkudlapski, John Ebenreiter

35: Ben Preddy, Terry Kelso, Rian Nemeroff, Eileen Collins

36: Hank Gallagher

37: Jay and Jo King, Frank Carey

38: Don Eckert, Wayne Pidany, Charlie Books, May Lynn Rossi (with her back to us)

39: Balbir Singh, Rick Frampton

40: Carol and Chuck Bell, with Humphrey Bogart

41: Carol Bell, Rian Nemeroff

42: Jeff Herman, Joe Capizzi, John Ebenreiter

43: Joe Capizzi, John Ebenreiter, Jeff Herman

44: Terry Kelso, Charlie Books, May Lynn Rossi

The photos above are from the 2015 Reunion at A Taste of Key West in the Ridley Township Marina.
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