2014 Scott Reunion Photos
Thu 25 June at A Taste of Key West in the Ridley Township Marina

Names appear above each photo, and are ordered left to right.

If you see any errors or missing names (or question marks), please notify Carl Ingalls, by email (Ingalls@ScottAlumni.org), or by phone (+1 610-627-9030).  Please note which reunion year, the number of the photo, and the position of the person in the photo, so that I can edit the correct one.

01:  Dave and Janis Mucker
02:  Terry Kelso, Dolores and Chet Augustine
03:  Frank Carey, Balbir Singh
04:  Dean and Carolyn Anderson
05:  Bob Schechter, Terry Kelso
06:  Don Heilala, Janis Mucker
07:  Charlie Books, Al McAllister
08:  Terry Ledger, Margo Yotter, Janet Chism
09:  Dennis Morley(?), Wayne Gross, Donnie VanEvery
10:  Frank Milotich, Janet Chism, Dan Stango
11:  Don Heilala, Frank Carey, Alan Hartman
12:  Jeff Herman
13:  Sandy Dickerson Barnes, Katie Kissling(?), Elaine Bowman(?)
14:  Jeff Herman, Bill Chism, Janet Chism, Dean Anderson, Carolyn Anderson
15:  Margo Yotter, Dolores Augustine, John Harriz, Chet Augustine
16:  Elaine Bowman(?), ?, Sandy Dickerson Barnes, ?
17:  Chuck Bell (far left), Mike Vartanian, Wayne Gross, Jim Haile, Frank Milotich
18:  Frank Milotich, Jim Haile
19:  Gene Rockett
20:  Tony Santisi, Laureen Prindle
21:  Pat and Rick Haggenmiller
22:  Dolores and Chet Augustine
23:  Carl Ingalls, Dot Smith
24:  Donnie VanEvery, Barb Lynn
25:  Carol Bell (far left), Rian Nemeroff, Ed Szkudlapski
26:  Rian Nemeroff, Carol Bell
27:  Frank Carey, Dan Stango, Balbir Singh
28:  Humphrey Bogart (far left), Jeff Herman, Carl Ingalls, Dean Anderson, Bill Chism
29:  Dan McCarney, John Harriz
30:  Patti Presnell, Eve Dougherty, Charlie Presnell
31:  Group
32:  Michelle Bruno, Jim Haile
33:  Andi Adams and daughter Sarah
34:  Ed Szkudlapski, Sophia Bunyaraksh
35:  Laureen Prindle, Dolores Augustine, Tony Santisi (facing Dolores)
36:  Terry Ledger, Gene Rockett
37:  Katie Kissling(?), Carol Bell (note that the guy on the left was not part of our group)
38:  Katie Kissling(?), Carol Bell, Chuck Bell (behind), Howard Weisz
39:  Ed Szkudlapski, Jeff Herman
40:  Laureen Prinde, Sophia Bunyaraksh, Rian Nemeroff
41:  Alan Hartman, Lynda Wilkinson
42:  Wayne Gross, Mike Vartanian, Dot Smith
43:  Andi Adams, Barb Lynn, Carl Ingalls
44:  Frank and Michelle Bruno, Jim Haile

The photos above are from the 2014 Reunion at A Taste of Key West in the Ridley Township Marina.
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