2013 Scott Paper Reunion Photos - Taken Thu 27 June 2013
at A Taste of Key West in the Ridley Township Marina

Names appear above each photo.  There are still a couple of question marks re the names.

If you see any errors or missing names, please email Carl Ingalls (Carl@EmbossingTechnologies.com).  Please note the number of the photo, and the position of the person in the photo, so that I can edit the correct one.

01: Bill Chism and Carolyn Anderson

02: Carolyn Anderson, Janet Chism

03: Dean Anderson, Lynda Wilkinson

04: Gene Rockett, Rick Frampton

05: Charlie West, Charlie Books

06: Donnie Van Every, Bob Schecter

07: Ben Preddy, Don Eckert

08: Carol (Graybill?)

09: Mike Vartanian, Jay Butler, Balbir Singh

10: Barbara (Cornacchia) Ferrer, Roe Pusey

11: (John Pusey?), Luis Ferrer

12: Dru and Rex Schutte

13: Frank Carey, Dennis and Peggy DeFelice

14: Jay Butler, Kathy Fitchek, and Les Ragan standing behind them

15: Bob Schecter, Sophia Bunyaraksh

16: Ben Preddy, Eve Dougherty

17: Rick and Pat Haggenmiller, Howard Weisz

18: Janet Chism, Esther Kraus, Carole MacCoy

19: Balbir Singh, Charlie West

20: Lynda Wilkinson, Jose Arizo (from Chester Plant)

21: Sophia Bunyaraksh, Rian Nemeroff

22: Carol Bell, Ilrania Wootson, Roe Pusey

23: Janet and Bill Chism, Jo and Jay King

24: Charlie Books, Mike Vartanian

25: Esther Kraus, Charlie Books, Laureen Prindle

26: Ilrania Wootson, Arnita Outlaw, Karen Pierce

27: Ilrania Wootson, Ben Preddy

28: Jay King, Jim Haile

29: Dan Stango, Frank Carey, Humphrey Bogart

30: Charlie West, Carl Ingalls

31: Gene Rockett, Chuck Bell

32: Peggy DeFelice, Frank Carey

33: Alan Hartman, Barbara (Cornacchia) Ferrer

34: Kathy Fitchek, Carol Bell

35: Balbir Singh, Mike Vartanian

36: Roe Pusey, Dave LeGrow

37: Jay King, Jim Haile

38: Jay King, Jim Haile, Carl Ingalls, Rex Schutte

39: Rick Haggenmiller, Sophia Bunyaraksh, Pat Haggenmiller

40: A warm conversation in one corner

41: Another warm conversation in another corner

42: Eve Dougherty, Lynda Wilkinson

43: Chuck and Carol Bell, Rick Frampton, Balbir Singh, Charlie West, Frank Carey, Dan Stango

44: Sophia Bunyaraksh, Laureen Prindle

45: Sophia Bunyaraksh, Laureen Prindle

46: Dave LeGrow, Eve Dougherty

The photos above are from the 2013 Reunion at A Taste of Key West in the Ridley Township Marina.
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