2009 Scott Paper Reunion Photos - Taken 19 June 2009
at The Deck at Harbor Pointe (previously called The Lagoon)

Names appear above each photo. 

There are some names missing, indicated by a question mark (?).  If you see any errors or know any of the missing names, please email Carl Ingalls (Carl@EmbossingTechnologies.com).  Please note the number of the photo, so that I can edit the correct one.

01: Crawford Williams, Arlene Davis

02: Carl Ingalls, Balbir Singh

03: Jerry Ballas, Carol McLaughlin

04: Arlene Davis, Rosie Milby

05: Don Best, Christine Hartmann

06: Carol McLaughlin, Dana and Helen Winslow

07: Charlie West, Dick Hepford

08: Rick Frampton

09: Jeff Herman, Balbir Singh

10: Greg Meese, ?

11: Tom Devito, Barbara Bartos, Greg Merilli, May Lynn Rossi

12: Fran and Gary German, Dan McCarney, Dot Smith

13: Mary Anne Bogie, Janis Mucker, Sophia Bunyaraksh

14: Karen McGuigon, Eve and George Dougherty

15: Ellie Warren, Ron Gray

16: Carol Bell, Dottie Carrigan Morris

17: Chuck and Carol Bell, Dick Hepford

18: Sue Wilkins, Terry Kelso

19: Dot Smith, Mike Rothaupt

20: Frank Carey, Dan Stango

21: Ellie Warren, Terry Ledger, Karen McGuigon

22: Rian Nemeroff, Sophia Bunyaraksh, John Herreid

23: Mike Vartanian, Leslie Gross

24: Donnie Van Every, Wayne Gross

25: Greg Merilli, Donnie Van Every, Wayne Gross

26: Stephanie DeVitis, May Lynn Rossi

27: Susan Norton, Bill Goodavage

28: Terry and Bud Ledger

29: Tony Frattarelli and his fiancee Rochelle Screnci, Dan McCarney

30: Dave LeGrow

31: Howard Weisz, Christine Hartmann

32: Les Gross, Mike Vartanian, Dot Smith, Wayne Gross, Don Eckert?

33: Carol McLaughlin, Dottie Morris, Rosie Milby, Christine Hartmann

The photos above are from the 2009 Reunion at the The Deck at Harbor Pointe in Essington PA (previously called the Lagoon).
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