2007 Scott Paper Reunion Photos - Taken 7 June 2007 at the Lagoon

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01: Ben Preddy, Jay Butler

02: Howard Weisz, Wayne Pidany in foreground
      Gary German and Bob Schechter in background (right)

03: Nancy Fuchella Descano, Mark Maguire

04: Bill Lako, Larry Bogart

05: ?, ?, ?

06: Janet Jones, Roland Draughon, Maxine Ross

07: Judy Carey, Cliff Roberts, Donna Roberts in foreground
      Linda Riondet in background (right)

08: Bob Fulmer, Bob Schechter

09: Linda Riondet, Connie (Dalton) Piccinotti

10: Connie (Dalton) Piccinotti, Linda Riondet, Terry Gray, Dottie Morris

11: Chris Pusak, Debbie Pusak

12: Sandy Hinkle, Ronnie Prentice

13: Howard Weisz, Stephanie DeVitis, JP Lennon

14: Mark Maguire, Linda Applestein, Nancy Fuchella Descano in foreground
      Bill Lako, Balbir Singh, and Rosa Hart in background (right)

15: Bill Lako, Crawford Williams, Balbir Singh

16: Don Eckert, Jack Kovacs, Kitty Kovacs

17: Frank Carey, Larry Bogart

18: Dan Stango, Michelle (McDevitt) Bruno

19: Harry Rimmer

20: Joann Jensen, Janice (McNamee) Gretzmacher

21: Connie (Dalton) Piccinotti, Laureen Prindle

22: Carl Ingalls, Linda Riondet, Bill Lako

23: Larry Anastasi, Brad Slamp, Dot Smith, Harold Buchanan, Joe Devine

24: JP Lennon, Don Frisch, Dave Nash in foreground
      Martin Fortino in background (left)

25: Mark Maguire, Charley Vogeley, Nancy Fuchella Descano

26: Dot Smith, Joe Devine, Don Eckert

27: Martin Fortino, Alan Hartman, Patti Lynn Fitzgerald, Carl Ingalls

28: Joan Rosney, Helen Lawrence, Donnie Van Every

29: Owen Coghlan, Carl Ingalls, Laureen Prindle, Rian Nemeroff

30: Howard Weisz, Linda Riondet, Laureen Prindle

31: Donna Roberts, Michelle (McDevitt) Bruno, Cliff Roberts, Judy Carey

32: Martin Fortino, Patti Lynn Fitzgerald, Ed Szkudlapski

The photos above are from the 2007 Reunion at the Lagoon in Essington PA.
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