Scott Paper Alumni Address Lists

There are two main purposes for these address lists:

  1. as a Directory:  to help people who worked at Scott Paper Company (or one of its affiliates) keep in touch with each other.  We call these people Scotties. 
  2. as a Mailing List:  to send out email announcements of various social events where groups of Scotties meet, plus other announcements of general interest. 

Each Alumni Group maintains its own address list, and uses that list to send email announcements to its members about the social events that it sponsors.  This website is a way to connect those separate address lists together. 

If you want to read about the social events sponsored by each of these groups, you can click on the group name in the table below.  If you want to join a group, or get on a mailing list, you can contact one of the administrators of that group, or you can use the online Contact Form for Scott Alumni for any combination of groups. 

Group Administrators Phone Email
Atlanta Michael Milak
Guy Provenzano
Dover Ed Bailey
Judy Hedrick
Logistics Terry Silverthorne
Cathy O'Connor
Plaza Carl Ingalls
Terry Gray
Tax John Smith
Larry Schwab
Joe Gibbs
Technology Carl Ingalls
Bruce Arnold
Worldwide Bruce Arnold
Carl Ingalls

Scott Alumni Directories

A Directory is just a way of using an address list to help Scotties connect with each other.  The lists that work best for this are the larger ones, and these often contain much more information than just names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

The best sources for finding other Scotties are the very large directories that are maintained by Carl Ingalls and Bruce Arnold.  We work closely togther and we also keep in touch with other Scott Alumni Groups.  If you are looking for someone who once worked for Scott Paper Company or one of its affiliates at any location, you can either contact Carl or Bruce directly (see above), or you can use our online webform to enter your request. 

Please keep in mind that if you request information about a Scottie, we usually inform that person about the request.

We are working on providing online access to two of the directories on a password protected webpage.  These pages will not contain any personal information that has been designated as private.  When the work is completed, access instructions will be sent out by email. 


The list that is kept by Bruce Arnold for the Scott Alumni Worldwide Group is a completely private list, which means that personal information from that list is not shared with other Scotties without permission.  The lists that are kept by Carl Ingalls for the Scott Technology Group and for the Scott Plaza Group are semi-private, which means that members have the option of choosing what information is to be made available to other Scotties and what information is to be kept private.  You can see examples of how this is done in the online Scott Alumni Contact Form.

Personal information that is designated as private will be treated in the following ways:

No personal information will be given to anyone who never worked for Scott Paper Company (or one of its affiliates), unless we have permission from the owner of the information, or if we are compelled by law.

Mailing Lists

A Mailing List is just a way of using an address list to send an email to a specific Scott Alumni Group, usually to notify them of a social event, or to provide other information of interest to the group.  Some of these lists are no more than a list of email addresses (with or without names displayed). 

For most of the Groups, there is no difference between the address list and the mailing list.  If you are on their list, you get everything that they email. 

Carl Ingalls is in the process of merging the Technology and Plaza address lists into a single list, where you can be on the list without necessarily getting everything that is emailed to both groups.  You will get to choose which mailings you receive at which email address.  As people use the online Scott Alumni Contact Form to enter data for other groups, the scope of this address list will expand to include data for other groups. 

To find out what sort of mailings are sent to the mailing list for each Alumni Group, you can go to Scott Alumni Groups, and click on the hyperlink for any of the groups you are interested in.  Or, you can contact any of the administrators in the contact table above. 

Alternate contact for any of the above groups:
Carl Ingalls   610.627.9030

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